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The Archive and Documentation Centre (ACD) of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP-IN) has the mission of managing all documents produced and received by this organisation (Head Office), regardless of their format or data contents.



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O fundo bibliográfico do Centro de Arquivo e Documentação (CAD) da CGTP-IN é constituído...

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Esta colecção é composta pelo conjunto completo dos números do jornal/revista Alavanca...

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The CGTP-IN Archive and Documentation Centre's (ADC) Bibliographic Fund is composed of the set of monographs, periodical publications, analytics, audiovisual materials, posters, stickers, brochures and leaflets produced or purchased by this trade union confederation.

We have duly registered, in a catalogue, 10 210 monographs, of which we are able to locally do research on 3929 of them, in the "Bibliobase" database.

As for periodical publications, we may do research on 2 934 "Bibliobase" entries, equivalent to 963 titles.

There are 21 audiovisual entries which we can also consult on the "Bibliobase".

From the collection of 1 239 posters, currently undergoing treatment in the Framework of the Project " Preserving, Organising and Improving the CGTP-IN Documental Archives", we can consult around 49 of them, on the "Bibliobase", although, for the time being, pictures are still unavailable online.

The ADC also has a collection of 700 monographs, purchased in the context of the CGTP-IN Knowledge Research Centre (NRC) and after CGTP-IN having joined the respective national network, which is supported by the European Union and the Portuguese State. This collection has the priority and essential aim of aiding trainees and trainers in vocational training and education, particularly those of the CGTP-IN and its member unions, of the Bento de Jesus Caraça Institute, of the Bento de Jesus Caraça Vocational Training School and of the INOVINTER. This fund, which is registered in the Zylab database, currently inoperative, will be available in the future, by researching in this portal.

The collection of stickers has still not been treated.




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