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The Archive and Documentation Centre (ACD) of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP-IN) has the mission of managing all documents produced and received by this organisation (Head Office), regardless of their format or data contents.



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CGTP-IN Photography Archive

The CGTP-IN Photography Archive is an important visual testimony of the struggle of the Portuguese workers and trade union movement of our country.

The Archive is composed of around 88 000 negatives, covering the period between the end of the 70’s and the end of the 90’s. The person mainly responsible for initiating and organising it was João Silva, CGTP-IN photographer from 1979 to 2007.

Different CGTP-IN activities are portrayed, throughout its years of existence, such as Congresses, General Assemblies, Swearing into Office Ceremonies, Anniversaries, Strikes (General and Sectoral), Tributes, Interviews, Celebrations of the 25th April 1974 and of the 1st of May, Demonstrations, Vigils, Cultural Events, among other.

After the adoption of the Project “Preserving, Organising and Improving the CGTP-IN Documental Archives”, the Photography Archive went through a priority intervention, given the fragile nature of these documents.  In a first phase, the whole collection was scrutinised. Next, we selected the negatives to be preserved and classified in the Ica-AtoM (c. 12 000) database, and among them, the negatives to be digitalised (1 200). The selected news reports to be kept and described included the oldest materials, from 1977 to the beginning of 1982. Besides being those that need more care in terms of preservation and conservation, our intention was to compliment the knowledge of the Intersindical history and activity in a period in which documentation is scarce.

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