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The Archive and Documentation Centre (ACD) of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP-IN) has the mission of managing all documents produced and received by this organisation (Head Office), regardless of their format or data contents.



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Poster Collection

Posters are one of the most precious collections of the documental archive, which the CGTP-IN has been keeping, in its headquarters, through its 40 years of trade union activity. They are a valuable graphic asset where, through words and images, we keep alive the demands and the struggles waged for so many years.

Gathering this set of documents is the outcome of the continuous prospection and collection carried out by the CGTP-IN.

In the framework of the Project “ Preserving, Organising and Improving the CGTP-IN Documental Archives”, funded by the Operational Programme of Human Potential (POPH), we developed a prolonged work of selection and classification, having identified 1239 posters, of which 900 were treated to be preserved and digitalised, including the restoring of  92 of them.

Currently, we are drafting a catalogue of these 900 posters, which will become gradually accessible for research, consultation and online visualisation.

In this collection (900 posters), 40 themes are identified:

  1. CGTP-IN Anniversaries;
  2. CGTP-IN Congresses;
  3. 1st of May;
  4. International Women’s Day/8 March;
  5. Anniversaries of 18 January 1934;
  6. Unionising Conferences;
  7. 25 April;
  8. Strikes;
  9. Recruitment Campaigns;
  10. Action Days;
  11. Women;
  12. Demonstrations;
  13. Claims;
  14. Marches;
  15. Concentrations;
  16. Protest Actions;
  17. Youth;
  18. Children’s Day;
  19. Fundraising Campaigns/Fees;
  20. Culture, Sport and Leisure;
  21. Seminars;
  1. Meetings
  2. Debates;
  3. Conferences;
  4. Migration;
  5. Solidarity;
  6. “Alavanca”;
  7. Trade Union Propaganda;
  8. Vocational Training;
  9. Rallies;
  10. Different Anniversaries;
  11. Different Congresses;
  12. General Assemblies;
  13. Elections;
  14. Constituent/General Assemblies;
  15. Seminars;
  16. Festivities;
  17. Politics;
  18. Nuclear Weapons/Peace;
  19. Occupational Safety, Hygiene and Health;
  20. Miscellaneous (includes posters given to the CGTP-IN by Foreign and National entities).

Making this collection available has the intention of disclosing and keeping alive the memory, through mottos and slogans, of every poster and image, of the trade union struggles waged, throughout half a century, by the Portuguese trade union movement.

Trade Union Propaganda;
Vocational Training;
Different Anniversaries;
Different Congresses;
General Assemblies;



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