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The Archive and Documentation Centre (ACD) of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers (CGTP-IN) has the mission of managing all documents produced and received by this organisation (Head Office), regardless of their format or data contents.



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Jornal/revista Alavanca


Esta colecção é composta pelo conjunto completo dos números do jornal/revista Alavanca...

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The Alavanca Newspaper/Magazine Collection

This collection is composed of the entire set of “Alavanca” newspapers and magazines that was published by the CGTP-IN, from December 1974 to April/May 1996.

During all that period, this publication was distributed under several formats, from conventional newspaper format to magazine format. It had different editors, among them Avelino Gonçalves, José Luís Judas, Jaime Marques Machado, José Ernesto Cartaxo, Álvaro Rana and Manuel Lopes, as well as different editorial structures and contents, whose essential aim was that of keeping the workers informed on the struggles carried out, on their behalf,  by the Intersindical and the trade union movement and on all other actions directly or indirectly linked to issues concerning them, including topics connected with leisure, culture and sporting activities.

Besides the bind version, which is complete and available for consultation at the Archive and Documentation Centre, the collection also includes individual copies, although some numbers are missing.

To preserve this collection and make it accessible to a larger and more diverse audience, we produced a digital edition, in the Framework of the Project” Preserving, Organising and Improving the CGTP-IN Documental Archives” with all the prints and numbers accessible, in PDF format, in this Web page.




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